Superior Fabrics

BRAVADA High Performance Women's Activewear

BRAVADA Women's Activewear is made from a superior supplex fabric blend the provides the highest level of performance and Body Fabric Synchronicity

Odor Inhibition Natural Moisture Wicking 360 Degree
Uniform Directional Stretch
88% Supplex 12% Lycra Filament Comfort Technology

Caring for Your BRAVADA Activewear and Sportswear

Your BRAVADA women’s activewear is easy to care for, fast drying & machine washable.

1. Machine Washable: Simply wash at the temperature stated on the care label

2. Natural Softness: AVOID using washing powders or liquids with conditioners or softeners as these may affect the performance of your BRAVADA supplex garment. BRAVADA supplex fabric blends have infused natural softness technology.

3. Hang Dry: BRAVADA’s superior supplex fabric blends are a quick drying fabric. There is no need to tumble dry.


BRAVADA Activewear is made from a superior supplex fabric blend which is the highest performing fabric used in athletics, fitness, yoga and exercise today. BRAVADA supplex stretches equally in every direction which provides incredible performance, fit and comfort. This is what also gives it its amazing multiple sizing feature. In addition, BRAVADA's high performance supplex provides natural moisture wicking and uses no chemicals. It naturally wicks moisture from the skin to the surface where it quickly evaporates. This ability to wick moisture from the skin to the surface also gives the extreme breathability in the fabric. Your skin never feels constricted or smothered. Built in odor inhibitors provides BRAVADA's activewear a clean feeling without the fear of mold and bacteria build up. Today's women demand activewear that performs, fits comfortably and covers their body with a sassy sexy inspired feel. This is BRAVADA activewear and its why BRAVADA is a leader in women's sports, athletic and workout wear today.

Ultra Comfort

BRAVADA women's activewear Perfect Fit fabric is made with millions of individual tissues of yarn that individually adhere to the stretchy fibers.  BRAVADA's Perfect Fit stretch coupled with the plush softness derived from the tiny bundles of yarn weaved through the fibers gives BRAVADA activewear its amazing ultra comfortable fit and feel. 


BRAVADA activewear is synonymous with quality.  When you buy a BRAVADA women's activewear piece you are buying the highest standards of quality.  Each BRAVADA garment will last for years and the Perfect Fit fabric will never lose its shape, its stretch or its softness. Its this commitment that makes BRAVADA women's activewear the choice for ladies who do yoga, Pilates, running, cycling or any other gym or workout activity.


This is one of the most important considerations for BRAVADA.  Women's yoga clothes and activewear needs to be of quality, ultra comfortable, have elevated performance and be AFFORDABLE.  BRAVADA's commitent to the average woman is what allows us to bring our BRAVADA Perfect Fit activewear at prices that makes sense.  BRAVADA is always looking for ways to make our quality better and our prices more affordable.  We stand behind everything we put in our stores and that commitment shows in the level of quality in our women's activewear apparel.  As BRAVADA says ... "Get Excited About Being You!

BRAVADA - Where We Come From

Where did BRAVADA come from? BRAVADA International is the inspiration of CEO and founder Danny Alex who has a genuine passion for getting people excited and motivated to be who they are.  BRAVADA began as a company that developed fitness products for people who wanted low cost and economical ways of living healthier lives.  It wasn't long before CEO Danny Alex began working with and incorporating fitness fashion and women's activewear into the mix.  Just like the sensible fitness products, Danny wanted high performance, ultra comfortable and inspiring designs and from that, BRAVADA was truly born.

In the days and weeks that followed the women's fitness apparel mix grew to include yoga clothes, sexy Brazilian inspired activewear, casual athletic apparel, Pilates clothes and an energizing selection of women's workout wear.  "Inspiring" and "Energizing" are two words that is used around BRAVADA a lot.  As is "sensible", "comfortable" and "quality".  At BRAVADA, women's activewear is taken very seriously as BRAVADA firmly believes in developing and creating quality and performance with the average woman in mind.

BRAVADA women's activewear is based on all day wear meaning, the same one piece is fashionable and stylish to wear to lunch, shopping or do errands and then into the gym for a yoga class, some elliptical, aerobics or some weights.  Its ladies fashion activewear and BRAVADA's commitment to quality and affordability is of its primary concern.

The BRAVADA VATA Brasil OneFit Fabric

BRAVADA's Women’s Fitness & Fashion Activewear

How Does BRAVADA's OneFit Fabric Work?

It is very simple ... BRAVADA's Perfect Fit garments use a special fabric that stretches equally in all directions. Unlike most less expensive fabrics which stretch in one or two directions, BRAVADA athletic garments stretch in all directions equally while maintaining it shape during the entire life of the athletic wear piece and BRAVADA's pieces last for years. It is our quality and dedication to providing our customers the very best women's activewear apparel in comfort, quality and styling.

The entire BRAVADA collection is a OneFit garment that fits sizes 0 - 12. The specially designed BRAVADA VATA Brasil OneFit fabric is a lightweight, highly elastic fabric that has four times more filaments than regular fabric. Your BRAVADA VATA Brasil OneFit fabric has "Memory Stretch" which allows for its incredibly comfortable OneFit feature. It’s the only sports and active wear collection that will always fit whether you lose or gain a little bit here and there.

BRAVADA’s VATA Brasil women's workout and activewear collection is so comfortable, you won't ever want to get out of them. One touch and one feel of the OneFit VATA Brasil fabric is all you will need to fall in love with your clothes again!!

The Moisture drawing properties of our BRAVADA VATA Brasil OneFit fabric is a natural wicking process as opposed to a chemical treatment used by most other garment manufacturers. The OneFit VATA Brasil fabric has 4 times the filaments than regular yarn and its millions of filaments make for a softer more comfortable feel. The ultra stretch and memory stretch features make for an amazing feel at any size. You won’t ever want to get out of your Muscle Flex VATA sports and active wear!

The OneFit BRAVADA VATA Brasil fabric is an innovation in comfort, styling and feel and is designed to stretch and fit in total comfort from sizes 0-12. The memory stretch qualities keep your Muscle Flex VATA Brasil garments fitting perfectly every time with unparallel comfort. Once you get into your BRAVADA women's sportswear clothes, you will never want to get out!!

Unique Sizing Called ONEFIT (SIZES 0-12)

What makes OneFit a superior moisture-wicking fabric? (Why OneFit Works?)

1. Made of a micro-fibre yarn
2. Synthetic fabric with hydrophobic (water hating) properties, instead of a hydrophilic (water loving) fibre, like cotton.
3. Fabric has four times the filaments of the average yarn; these unique properties of OneFit™ draw moisture away from the skin and force the moisture to the surface by way of the millions of filaments. Once there, it rapidly evaporates, translating to a moisture-wicking, fast drying fabric.


1. Draws moisture away
2. Keeps fabric lightweight
3. Natural wicking (no chemical treatment necessary)
4. Dry comfort
5. Millions of filaments make for a softer more comfortable Yarn

OneFit® - This exceptional moisture-wicking fabric ensures freedom of movement in the yoga studio and your active lifestyle:

• Breathable & Fast Drying: micro-fiber yarn contains 4 times more filaments than average yarn. Natural wicking. No chemicals added.
• Cotton-like Comfort: Polymide and Elastane combination gives soft, cotton feel
• Durable: keeps shape after use and washing; abrasion-tested
• Elasticity: unique woven construction allows 360° stretch and 10x stretch of original shape
• Fade Resistant: color-fast treatment maintains color vibrancy With VATA Brasil’s innovative OneFit® performance fabric & one-size-fits-most feature (fits sizes 0-12).

BRAVADA Women's Sports and Activewear is designed to shape the figure without restricting full range of motion in the yoga studio, in the gym, running or working out. Get the most out of your workout and yoga practice with fashion forward styles and peak performance design. The unique 360° and 10x stretch characteristics of OneFit® underpin the one-size-fits-most feature.