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BRAVADA Stretch Active Jeggings

A Revolution in Women's Fashion Activewear

BRAVADA Body Active Jeggings are the very essence of blending athletic activewear with casual fashion. BRAVADA is the leader in women's fashion activewear and sport casual apparel and our Body Active Jeggings are a fashion activewear garment that you will want for your wardrobe. They look and feel like regular denim jeans however, the inherent stretch in the fabric gives women free movement and extreme comfort.

BRAVADA Body Active Jeggings are a high quality blend of various quality fabrics with high weave spandex which provides the amazing stretch, superior comfort and free body motion. Our Body Active Jeggings move in unison with the motion of your body giving you total freedom of movement and the all day comfort you cannot get with ordinary denim jeans.

Our Body Active Jeggings come in two flavors; "BRAVADA Diamante" or "BRAVADA Passion". Both offer the highest quality look, feel and performance but with each having their own subtle and differing style. BRAVADA knows women's active and sport fashion and BRAVADA's Body Active Jeggings are a superior jegging that only BRAVADA can create.

With sizes 0 through 15, BRAVADA Body Active Jeggings offer the very best is hot and sassy styling, superior fit and unmatched comfort.