Eat n Run Calorie Calculator

Fun with Your Run

So if you run 5 kms (3 miles), how many pieces of pizza did you burn or low fat yogart?

This is a fun way to get an idea of how many calories you are burning during exercise and a basic food value of your calories burned.

At BRAVADA, health and fitness is about living an emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle. Information is our best tool. If we eat right, make beneficial lifestyle changes that we stick to and regular exercise, our emotional and physical health will benefit.

"Getting excited about being you" is our motto at BRAVADA. Its a process that requires "one step at a time" lifestyle changes. We can all be healthier and start to get excited about who we are by simple little changes. Once you start your process of making that decision to better yourself and your life, everyone around you will notice and YOU will become infectious!