Women's Workout Capris


Women's Athletic, Yoga and Workout Capris

BRAVADA's High Performance Women's Activewear Capris are made with superior supplex fabric blends
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Uniform Directional Stretch
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Body Fabric Synchronicity
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Eclipse Sport Capris
This is the high performance Eclipse Women's Workout Capris that is a...

With her newfound "Joie de vivre" the woman over FIFTY is taking on the world with a fierce determination that she will not be thought about old, that she will feel and look her very best, and that the greatest years are yet to follow. She has a revived energy as she "kicks butt " wearing stilettos rather than house slippers, deciding on networking luncheons over evening bridge club. She is making a life for herself doing the things she loves to do, allowing herself to be creative about her foreseeable future. This courageous midlife woman deals with her own needs, as opposed to being on the bottom of her to-do list, knowing that she will be a much better individual in every area if she is continuing to work on self-care and explore the possibilities for her own individual growth.


Capri Page BRAVADA Women's workout and yoga capri’s are made from BRAVADA's superior supplex fabric blends made for any women's athletic activity. You will not find a better women’s yoga Capri than BRAVADA’s. Our women’s workout capri’s are a unique line of activewear, inspired by sexy Brazilian styles and manufactured in Rio de Janeiro. BRAVADA women’s capri’s will help you make the most of your athletic lifestyle and do it with incredible performance and amazing comfort. BRAVADA dresses you in excitement and dresss you with innovation that pushes you to a greater level of athletic performance!