BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge

Bravada Lululemon Women's Yoga Clothes and Workout Clothes Challenge

BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge

Try Lululemon then try BRAVADA Women's activewear ... We know that you will love the fit, the feel, the performance and the comfort of BRAVADA!!

What is the BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge? Women’s activewear and yoga clothes have become about a lot more than just great looking clothes and high performance fabrics. It’s about all day comfort and about activewear that transitions easily from the gym to everyday activities. BRAVADA challenges women from across North America to take the BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge. Try BRAVADA women’s activewear and if you do not agree that it’s the best fitting, best looking most comfortable and performing women’s activewear, return it to BRAVADA for a refund.

What Makes BRAVADA Women's Activewear Great Activewear?

BRAVADA women’s activewear is high performance yoga clothes, gym wear and workout clothes made from superior supplex that provides natural moisture wicking, odor inhibitors, 360 degree uniform stretch and filament comfort technology that has added breathability and all day comfort. Not all women’s activewear is created equal and BRAVADA believes it’s time for women to have choice.

Women's Activewear and Workout Clothes Are Not Just for the Gym Anymore

Today's woman demands a lot more from her clothing than she did just a few years ago. Today, it’s all about comfort and looking and feeling fantastic and that is just what BRAVADA's activewear does. BRAVADA yoga clothes and gym wear transition easily from the gym to everyday activities. Lunch with friends? Afternoon shopping? Yoga Class? You will be looking fantastic and feeling amazing comfort all day in BRAVADA activewear. You will feel dry and odor as BRAVADA's superior supplex fabric repels moisture, draws it to the surface where it quickly evaporates. And if that wasn’t enough, BRAVADA superior fabrics have filament comfort technology built in which means you will feel amazingly comfortable all day long. Today’s fashion activewear is all about comfort and looking and feeling great. It’s about clothes that perform in the gym but look amazing going out for lunch or running errands. BRAVADA is dedicated to women's activewear and the pursuit of only the very best and highest quality fabrics and designs. We only do women's activewear and that all we want!

The BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge

Try the BRAVADA vs Lululemon Challenge and decide for yourself. When you get your BRAVADA women's activewear, feel the quality, feel the comfort and feel the performance. If you do not agree that it is the best women's activewear you have tried, return it for a refund. If you love your BRAVADA clothes let us know and send us any comments you may have ... we would love to hear from you!! You can always email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-888-999-8820. We love hearing from our customers!

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