BRAVADA Elite Women's Yoga and Activewear - Tell Me More !!

Coming Soon!!

BRAVADA Elite is BRAVADA's high performance women's yoga and workout activewear line that is the highest level of comfort and performance. Women's yoga clothes and workout clothes need to be absolutely comfortable and perform under extreme sweating and perspiration. BRAVADA Elite's fabric is a superior supplex that has natural moisture wicking, odor inhibitors, 360 degree stretch and filament comfort technology. With exciting and zesty colors BRAVADA's Elite line is designed to inspire as well as give a dash of sexy.

Bravada Elite Yoga Clothes

Three Sizes to Start - Five Sizes Come!!

BRAVADA Elite is going to be introduced with three sizes to start, small medium and large with x-small and x-large to follow shortly thereafter. The great thing about BRAVADA Elite and the multiple size choices is the fact that BRAVADA Elite fabric is already a 360 degree stretch high performance fabric that is design for heavy workouts and for just looking great on a Sunday afternoon shopping spree. Fit, comfort, performance and style .... That’s BRAVADA Elite. Whether its yoga, the gym, Pilates, running, walking, jogging, cycling or aerobics, BRAVADA Elite women's activewear will keep you looking great, keep you dry and comfortable all day!!

What's Your Color?

So its color you want? Maybe just a basic black? BRAVADA Elite comes in multiple colors for any mood you are in. Maybe a vibrant red? Basic Black? Perhaps white? Whatever your flavor, BRAVADA knows that color can be the pick me up that you need. Then when you feel our amazing natural moisture wicking fabric, BRAVADA Elite will be your favorite women's high performance yoga and activewear apparel. Your fitness and workout collection will be the one you always reach for with BRAVADA Elite.

BRAVADA Elite Isn’t Just for the Gym ... It’s for Everyday Too!!

BRAVADA understands that today's women demand comfort, style, performance and durability. BRAVADA Elite is designed to transition from the gym into your daily activities and keep you looking fabulous!! It’s what we call, fashion activewear. Women's fitness clothes aren't just for the gym anymore, they are for any day and all day use and wear. When comfort and style are just as important as performance, BRAVADA Elite is going to be your one and only everyday activewear pieces.

BRAVADA Elite, Activewear Designed to Last

BRAVADA Elite uses a high grade superior supplex that has natural moisture wicking, odor inhibitors, 360 degree stretch and filament comfort technology and is made to last wash after wash after wash. The BRAVADA Elite fabric will never stretch out of shape and it will keep its amazing feel for years. That’s the quality inherent in BRAVADA Elite. BRAVADA's superior supplex fabric draws moisture to the surface where it quickly evaporates. This moisture repelling feature allows BRAVADA Elite activewear to stay dry and stay in perfect condition year after year. When it comes to quality women's yoga and workout clothes, BRAVADA Elite is the cream of the crop!!