About BRAVADA Women’s Activewear and Workout Clothes

BRAVADA is all about Body Fabric Synchronicity™. Women’s apparel that moves with a woman’s body whether is athletic activewear, fashion activewear, sports casual or high performance yoga and fitness clothes. BRAVADA brings women’s activewear in multiple different fabrics, colors and styles and is for women who lead active lifestyles or who want an active sporty fashion look. This is why BRAVADA offers such a wide range of product styles as well as fabrics from high performance yoga clothes and gym wear to fashion active sport tops, leggings of all styles, jean jeggings as well as cotton blend active basics. BRAVADA takes women’s activewear and moves it into a whole new way of thinking. Sports fashion as well as high performance athletic wear is a lifestyle as well as fashion style and BRAVADA provides all types of women’s activewear for all lifestyles, tastes and designs.

women's yoga and activewear outfit

Body Fabric Synchronicity

What is BRAVADA’s Body Fabric Synchronicity? It is a woman’s clothing moving in unison with a woman’s body as though they were one in total comfort, without restricting her movement and without any pinching. Everything from BRAVADA’s high performance supplex yoga clothes and gym wear to various cotton blends, leggings, fashion sport tops and yes, Body Fabric Synchronicity has even blended into jeans with BRAVADA’s Stretch Active Jean Jeggings that takes women’s activewear into a whole new fashion realm. BRAVADA is sports fashion, high performance women’s activewear, active basic cotton blends and more and BRAVADA is revolutionizing how women look at sports fashion and activewear.


BRAVADA's uses all types of fabrics that allow a woman’s body to move in Body Fabric Synchronicity. BRAVADA’s Signature line of high performance activewear is made from a superior supplex fabric blend that has natural moisture wicking, odor inhibitors, uniform 360 degree stretch as well as comfort infused technology for a perfect fit and superior performance. Whether its yoga, running, aerobics or the gym. BRAVADA’s high performance women’s activewear apparel is designed for women who demand the highest level of performance, comfort and design from their activewear and sportswear. BRAVADA’s cotton fabrics fuse the very best active basic fabric blends with varying mixtures of cotton, spandex, rayon and lycra into each and every piece of activewear. Some women prefer the feel and texture of a cotton yoga pant while others demand the high performance of a supplex blend. BRAVADA gives sports inclined and athletic minded women multiple fabric choices as well as styles and designs.

Ultra Comfort

All of BRAVADA’s women's activewear fabrics are designed to function and fit at peak effectiveness. BRAVADA’s supplex is made with millions of individual tissues of yarn that individually adhere to the stretchy fibers. BRAVADA's Perfect Fit stretch coupled with the plush softness derived from the tiny bundles of yarn weaved through the fibers gives BRAVADA activewear its amazing ultra comfortable fit and feel. BRAVADA’s cotton, spandex, lycra and rayon blends are designed for all types of differing styles, tasting and preferences. BRAVADA knows that not all women are the same and BRAVADA offers women more choices in all of the athletic activewear and fashion activewear choices.


BRAVADA activewear is synonymous with quality. When you buy a BRAVADA women's activewear piece you are buying the highest standards of quality. Each BRAVADA garment will last for years and the Perfect Fit fabric will never lose its shape, its stretch or its softness. Its this commitment that makes BRAVADA women's activewear the choice for ladies who do yoga, Pilates, running, cycling or any other gym or workout activity.


This is one of the most important considerations for BRAVADA. Women's yoga clothes and activewear needs to be of quality, ultra comfortable, have elevated performance and be AFFORDABLE. BRAVADA's commitment to the average woman is what allows us to bring our BRAVADA Perfect Fit activewear at prices that makes sense. BRAVADA is always looking for ways to make our quality better and our prices more affordable. We stand behind everything we put in our stores and that commitment shows in the level of quality in our women's activewear apparel. As BRAVADA says ... "Get Excited About Being You!

BRAVADA - Where We Come From

Where did BRAVADA come from? BRAVADA International is the inspiration of CEO and founder Danny Alex who has a genuine passion for getting people excited and motivated to be who they are. BRAVADA began as a company that developed fitness products for people who wanted low cost and economical ways of living healthier lives. It wasn't long before CEO Danny Alex began working with and incorporating fitness fashion and women's activewear into the mix. Just like the sensible fitness products, Danny wanted high performance, ultra comfortable and inspiring designs and from that, BRAVADA was truly born.

In the days and weeks that followed the women's fitness apparel mix grew to include yoga clothes, sexy Brazilian inspired activewear, casual athletic apparel, Pilates clothes and an energizing selection of women's workout wear. "Inspiring" and "Energizing" are two words that is used around BRAVADA a lot. As is "sensible", "comfortable" and "quality". At BRAVADA, women's activewear is taken very seriously as BRAVADA firmly believes in developing and creating quality and performance with the average woman in mind.

BRAVADA women's activewear is based on all day wear meaning, the same one piece is fashionable and stylish to wear to lunch, shopping or do errands and then into the gym for a yoga class, some elliptical, aerobics or some weights. Its ladies fashion activewear and BRAVADA's commitment to quality and affordability is of its primary concern.

What makes BRAVADA’s Women’s Activewear a superior moisture-wicking fabric?

1. Made of a micro-fibre yarn
2. Synthetic fabric with hydrophobic (water hating) properties, instead of a hydrophilic (water loving) fiber, like cotton.
3. Fabric has four times the filaments of the average yarn; these unique properties of OneFit™ draw moisture away from the skin and force the moisture to the surface by way of the millions of filaments. Once there, it rapidly evaporates, translating to a moisture-wicking, fast drying fabric.


1. Draws moisture away
2. Keeps fabric lightweight
3. Natural wicking (no chemical treatment necessary)
4. Dry comfort
5. Millions of filaments make for a softer more comfortable Yarn

BRAVADA’s exceptional moisture wicking supplex fabric ensures freedom of movement in the yoga studio and your active lifestyle:

• Breathable & Fast Drying: micro fiber yarn contains 4 times more filaments than average yarn. Natural wicking. No chemicals added.
• Cotton-like Comfort: Polymide and Elastane combination gives soft, cotton feel
• Durable: keeps shape after use and washing; abrasion-tested
• Elasticity: unique woven construction allows 360° stretch and 10x stretch of original shape
• Fade Resistant: color-fast treatment maintains color vibrancy With VATA Brasil’s innovative OneFit® performance fabric & one-size-fits-most feature (fits sizes 0-12).

BRAVADA Women's Sports and Activewear is designed to shape the figure without restricting full range of motion in the yoga studio, in the gym, running or working out. Get the most out of your workout and yoga practice with fashion forward styles and peak performance design. The unique 360° and 10x stretch characteristics of OneFit® underpin the one-size-fits-most feature.

Women’s Workout and Exercise

Many women worry that if they start working out they will begin to look masculine like a professional female bodybuilder, the reality is that woman simply do not produce enough testosterone to build big and bulky muscles. Women who do have the big masculine look have taken significant amounts of steroids usually combined with growth hormone. It is impossible for the average women to grow any significant muscular size. For women, weight lifting will give you an athletic, healthy and physically attractive body.

Five Fitness Components

A woman's exercise and workout plan should include exercises for cardiovascular conditioning as well as weight training. There are five components of physical fitness those being: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. These five components can all be worked on by developing a balanced program of weight training, proper diet and cardiovascular training conditioning that works for you. You have to do a program for yourself that keeps you inspire and that turns into actual lifestyle changes and not just a temporary get fit program. Remember, its all about getting excited about being you so get started!!

What to Include

Your program should include exercises that work every major muscle group: legs, including quadriceps, hamstrings and calves; chest; back; shoulders; arms; and your core (the abdominals, lower back and glutes). The core is probably the most important muscle groups because it is the "fulcrum" of the body that provides stability, leverage and strength for any physical confidence and agility.


Women tend to find that in the early stages of a fitness program they are able to increase the weight they lift with their legs, while their arms are much more difficult to train. The opposite is generally true for men. This is because the female body is designed for childbearing and carrying heavy loads for long periods of time. For this reason, many trainers find it best to focus weight training on the upper body for females and allow a vigorous cardio routine to suffice for much of the leg workout.


Cardiovascular exercise is important for an overall female fitness routine because it helps burn fat and creates a leaner silhouette as well as strengthening the heart and lungs. BodyBuild.com points out that the "best female bodybuilding workout is one that is balanced and uses plenty of cardio. Women tend to carry fat easier than men, so cardio is essential." Biking, jogging and fitness walking are all good options for cardiovascular exercise. Swimming is a terrific overall body conditioning exercise.


Weight training can be particularly beneficial for women because resistance exercises help increase bone density, which may in turn help prevent or slow the development of osteoporosis. It is important to make sure your doctor OK's any new weightlifting plan you wish to undertake so as to avoid injury.

Seven Health and Fitness Tips for Women

Our society is faced with an epidemic of obesity, and people need to become more in tune with their own health and fitness.

We all know that exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. It's the best way to lose body fat, because exercise boosts the metabolism and encourages the body to burn excess calories. Physical exercise revs up your heart and gets your lungs pumping at their maximum capacity. You'll have healthier bones when you exercise, and you'll look good and feel great about yourself. Exercise gives you increased stamina, making it easier for you to keep up with life's busy pace.

The unfortunate reality is that, although nearly everyone is aware of the many benefits of fitness, many women ignore the facts and choose to do nothing. It's too easy to press the snooze button, take the elevator or drive to work. In our society of convenience, people are suffering with a lack of health and fitness.

The following tips can be helpful in reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight. The specific issues that women face, like a higher susceptibility to osteoporosis make health and fitness of particular interest to them. To maintain optimum health and keep your body strong, it is recommended that at least two of these tips be incorporated into all women's health and fitness routines:

1. Keep your Expectations Realistic and Commit to Yourself

Don't fret if you feel you are not doing enough or getting the results you want right away. It is about making an appointment with yourself everyday and making it a lifestyle change. Don't worry if you're not able to spend ten hours a week at the gym, do not place expectations on yourself that are impossible to keep. Its about one-step-at-a-time lifestyle changes. The important thing is that you are can committing yourself to improving your health and fitness, and stick to your program. If exercising twice a week at twenty minutes per session is your first step to your program, stick with it and gradually increase. This should be fun and results will come as your get excited about all the positive changes that start to come.

2. Focus on Your Success.

Concentrate on how good you feel about your new health and fitness regime. If weight loss is part of your plan, and you're struggling to meet your goal, don't beat yourself up about it. Focus on what you've done to this point, and use today as a new starting point. You've made a commitment to yourself, and that is your biggest success.

3. Put weights before cardio.

Many women begin their health and fitness routines with cardio exercises, and then follow it up with weight lifting. The disadvantage is that you may be missing out on a critical component of the routine, because you're spending all of your time with cardio. If this is a regular occurrence, the outcome can be disappointing despite countless hours at the gym. Reverse the order and perform weight training first. You'll likely see a more positive visible outcome.

4. Don't overdo it.

The average women's health and fitness regime requires a workout of no more than an hour at a time. Spending too much time at the gym or doing the same exercises over extended periods can become tedious and boring. By focusing on the exercises and narrowing your time frame, your workout sessions will be more fun and more efficient.

5. Keep an eye on your heart rate.

Women should work out at 75-85% of their maximum heart rate. When your heart rate is too low, it's a sign that you're not working to your full potential. Too high a rate, on the other hand, shows that you're pushing yourself to a potentially dangerous level. Sticking with a happy medium of 50% or so will not help you to realize your fitness goals. Keep a heart rate monitor on hand or do a manual count incrementally during your workout to ensure that you're reaching, but not exceeding, your ideal target heart rate.

6. Get support.

It's important to be involved in some sort of fitness social support web. If you are currently in a regime with no fitness community, you may find that your workouts are lacking or not that successful. A social support can bring a greater sense of camaraderie, kinship and even healthy competition. If you normally workout alone at home, try visiting a gym for a sample workout, or joining a yoga, Pilates or sailing class. Running clubs and golf courses are other ways to keep in shape and meet new people.

7. Be self-supportive.

It's tough to take on a new health and fitness routine. You need to have commitment and discipline, and you need to be prepared to work hard. Give yourself a pep talk. Don't pressure yourself too much. You deserve a pat on the back, so go ahead and give yourself one. Others give you great feedback, so why not you?

Women's health and fitness has become a bigger issue than ever before. Fast food and sedentary lifestyles are robbing women of their good health and stripping them of their self-esteem.It's up to you to make the change to a healthier lifestyle. Go at your own pace, and you'll be amazed at how far you can go.